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Chili Peppers

(Capsicum Anuum)

Chili Pepper is a fruit of the plants from the genus Capsicum and is native to South and Central America. There are several species, each from different regions in South and Central America, which were utilized by Native Indians more than 7000 years ago. Many cultivars of Chili Peppers were spread across the world after Columbus travels around 1493. Chili Peppers were first introduced to South Asia in the 16th century and have now become an important ingredient in South Asia cuisine.


Chili Peppers were used to add flavor in food, as well as in medicines; they were particularly used by the Mayans to treat a host of conditions. Chili is an important ingredient in almost all curries recipes.


Chili Peppers are a good source of most B vitamins and especially vitamin B6. They are also high in Potassium and Iron.  Red Chilies contain high amounts of vitamin C and Carotene. Green Chilies contain a considerably lower amount of both substances.  Chili Peppers were used to treat diseases of the intestine, toothache, cough and lack of appetite, while they were a popular aphrodisiac. 


Our company grows a wide range of chili peppers ranging from the very hot scotch bonnet and habanero varieties to the mild finger type green chili varieties.

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