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A. Maliotis Exports
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The Company

Fresh herbs and vegetables exporter:


Established in 1969, our company today ranks among the leading exporters in Cyprus of fresh herbs and exotic vegetables with our major export markets situated in European countries, mainly the U.K. and France. We operate from a modern and well equipped pack house situated in the strategically positioned Engomi Industrial Zone in Nicosia, at a distance of no more than 20 kilometers from the major growing areas that supply us with the bulk of our fresh export products. Two own refrigerated lorries undertake the task of transporting promptly the goods to Larnaca aiport, a journey of 45 minutes which, during the peak season, may be repeated three to five times a day. Quality and shelf life are of utmost importance to our operation, therefore extra care is taken to minimize the time period from harvest to export. Our existing packaging capacity stands at around 10 tons per day of finished export product (around 2.500 boxes) but  our capabilities allow for a capacity expansion to 20 tons should this be needed.


Much of our exports are air-freighted to their destination markets therefore guaranteeing the extra freshness and longer shelf life required by our customers. However, the limited availability of air space from Cyprus and the higher cost involved has led us to look for alternatives and we are gradually moving towards the use of  sea/ road transport coupled with Modified Atmosphere technology to deliver our products to the destination markets.


Produce is purchased from growers with whom we have established long standing relationship which allows for guiding them in planning their production cycles and providing them with the essential technical support including the selection and provision of key agricultural inputs. Due to the short distance between the growing fields and the pack house, deliveries of harvested produce may occur several times a day so that the time of harvested produce in ambient temperature is minimal. Produce arriving at our pack house is inspected, washed and pre-cooled before the packaging activity takes place. Packaging is done according to customer specifications both in bulk/ loose packages and in pre-packs.



Spices & Coriander seed international traders:


Since 1998 our company is engaged in the international trade of coriander seed procuring mainly from countries of East Europe mainly Bulgaria and Romania. We have established contacts with local farmers and regional warehouses who undertake the task of collecting, processing and storing the seed.




Company Reg. Number: 9444

VAT Reg. Number: 10009444Ν

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